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Singer 237 Owners Manual
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Singer 237 Sewing Machine Owners Manual in .PDF Format


Complete Singer Model 237 Sewing Machine Manual in digital .PDF format. Every page a perfect, easy to read scan. This will guide you through the process of threading the upper needle thread as well as filling the bobbin and selecting the right needle and tension settings for the job at hand. It really makes sewing like a pro easy. Most importantly, it will show you exactly how to lube, disassemble, reassemble, and maintain your machine. A must have for all 237 owners.



After payment is received via Paypal, you will be sent a return reciept with the Sewing Machine Manual attached to the email. If you do not receive your manual within 24 hrs after payment, first check your spam filter or unwanted files folder, often web based mail programs tend to throw return mail into spam folders. So, check there first, and if not, contact me right away, I will make sure you receive you manual promptly, one way or another.


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